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Arky Neko

Catnip fishy - Small

Catnip fishy - Small

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Catnip Fishy is 9x13cm, perfectly size for chewing and chasing around.

Choose small fishy for cats that loves to chew and chase after their toys!

Fishy is made with:

  • imported Japanese cotton;
  • hypoallergenic fibre-fill;
  • baby-safe crinkle paper;
  • 100% Natural Catnip;
  • 100% Natural Silvervine;
  • brass bell

Fishy promotes play and helps to relieve anxiety and boredom in house cats.

Suggested Use: Fishy can be given to your cat every other day but effectiveness wears off with constant exposure to catnip. Giving your cat a break between exposures will ensure maximum enjoyment each time!

Do keep fishy back in the bag after each use! If fishy is wet, air dry and keep it back in the bag to promote its longevity.

⚠️ Caution ⚠️: Upon contact with said fishy, flying cats and flying fishy has been sighted. Emails may or may not have been deleted in the process. Do keep important items out of reach during playtime. You have been warned.

Every piece will vary in terms of print placement.

Blue Japanese floral fishy is made from a large piece of fabric with varying details. Fishy seen in the images are part of the design of the same fabric.

Maneki Neko, Japanese hiragana, Ayumi x Asuga and Kei are dual coloured as seen in the image.


Our products are made with cotton imported from Japan.

Prior to sewing, all fabrics have been pre-washed in mild detergent.

Shipping & Delivery

Normal Mail

  • Do note that normal mailing does not come with a tracking number and we will not be liable for any lost mail.
  • Parcels will be mailed out every Sunday.
  • Do allow at least 1-2 weeks lead time for parcel to reach you in the event of unforeseeable delays on Singapore Post’s end.

Doorstep Courier

Parcel will be delivered within 3 working days.

Free courier for purchases above $35.




Bows are 4.5cm x 6.5cm

Our bows are recommended to be in this sizing as it does not hinder/ interfere in our pet's daily activities.


14cm x 9cm


4cm x 10cm

As all items are handmade, there may be slight measurement differences in each piece.

Do contact us prior to purchase if you require a bigger bow.


Collars length are 20cm and extendable to 30cm.

Need the collar to be slightly longer?

Do reach out to us prior to purchase to confirm if the fabric can cater to longer lengths.

Care Instructions

We recommend the following:

Lint rolling to remove excess fur and sun it under gentle morning rays.

If washing is necessary, we suggest:


Hand wash with room temperature water and mild detergent or sun it under gentle morning rays, away from direct heat/ sunlight. DO NOT SOAK.


Do not wash unless the bow is without the bell/ crystal. Only sun it under the gentle morning rays away from direct heat/ sunlight.

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