What are breakaway buckles?

Breakaway buckles are buckles that can be pulled apart with force. It is crucial for cats to be in collars with breakaway buckles to prevent accidental strangulation.
Cats often jump into narrow spaces and it is possible that their collar may be caught onto an object and prevents them from landing. If they are not in breakaway buckles, accidental strangulation may happen if they are unable to get out of their collar.
It is extremely important for cats to have collars with breakaway buckles especially so if, they are often left unattended, they like to roam out of the house.
Safety is the utmost importance to us.

Can I bring them on walks with your collar?

Strictly, no. As these collars are made with breakaway buckles, any tug will cause the collar to be pulled apart and your pet will be free roaming.

Are there sizes to choose from?

Our collars are made to fit pets with neck circumference between 17cm to 28cm comfortably.
As our collars are made-to-order, do drop us a note and we will be happy to assist with the size customisation!

How do I measure my pet’s neck circumference?

Using a measuring tape, wrap around your pet’s neck and add 2 fingers spacing for shorthair and 3 fingers spacing for long hair pets.
Measuring cat's neck

Where are your fabrics from?

We import our fabrics directly from Japan (unless otherwise stated).

How long will the parcel take to reach me?

As our collars are made-to-order, we will work on your order upon receipt of payment and will ship them out within 7 working days.
Upon pick up, courier will deliver your items within 3 working days.
Normal mail will be dependent on Singapore post, please allow at least 1-2 weeks in the event of delays on their end.

What can I customise?

You can customise the following:
  • Satin Colour
  • Findings and bell colour
  • Choice of crystal
  • Length of collar

Do contact us if you require any customisation and we will inform you on the next steps required.

Will there be restocks?

No. Most of the fabrics seen here are seasonal / limited edition prints sourced directly from Japan.

Can I remove the bow?

Yes, the bow is made detachable. If you wish to purchase without the bow, it will be a $6 off total collar price. Do note that the bell is only attached to the bow.

Can I machine wash the collar?

We recommend the following:
  • Collar

Hand wash with room temperature water and mild detergent or sun it under gentle morning rays, away from direct heat/ sunlight. DO NOT SOAK.

  • Bow

Do not wash unless the bow is without the bell/ crystal. Only sun it under the gentle morning rays away from direct heat/ sunlight.

Can dogs wear the collar?

Yes, if their neck circumference is between 17-28cm. We would recommend it for small breeds. Do note that they should not be wearing the collars out for walks as any tugs will cause the collar to pull apart.

Will you be making collars for dogs?

Yes, we will be looking into it. Do stay tuned to our Instagram to find out when we launch!