Handcrafted in Singapore for the love and safety of our pets.

Photo Zone

  • @charcoal.baoqingtian

    Arky Neko really exceeds expectations. Whenever we have any questions, they reply promptly.

    Also, they have vast knowledge on crystals and advise us accordingly!

    My pawrent had an order of 6 bows that he needed urgently.

    Guess what? It was done and completed a day before the event!

  • @tora_chibisuke

    Tora wears Arky Neko's collars very well. The designs are beautiful, the collars and bows are very well made and the material very durable. He wears his collars daily and they last a very long time despite him getting into trouble. Most importantly they are made with break away clips so that they don't choke him in case of a mishap. I have bought lots and no regrets. I'll buy even more!

  • @unimunchkin

    Pretty handmade collars of impeccable quality! You can tell that a lot of effort has gone into making each collar. Even the small details are taken care of — for example, the alignment of the fabric to make sure the print looks great as a collar!

    I currently have four collars and I’m sure the collection will just keep increasing!