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harōo Pet Shampoo

harōo Pet Shampoo

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Our amino acid-based, anti-bacterial pet shampoo is officially here! Enriched with lots of skin and fur-loving ingredients and formulated without harsh foaming agents, our shampoo is easily rinsed off and suitable for sensitive skin! Easy rinse-off formulas provide a shorter bath time for our pets and make the entire bathing process less stressful!


Fragrance profile

Top Notes:

harōo opens with a light and refreshing combination of lily of the valley and bergamot. The lily of the valley brings a touch of floral sweetness, while the bergamot imparts a vibrant citrus burst, reminiscent of a rejuvenating spring morning stroll. Soft peony notes unfold, adding a touch of floral sophistication.

Heart Notes:

As you lather the shampoo, the heart notes of musk and frangipani come alive. With the romantic essence of rose, it adds a touch of elegance to the overall bathing experience.

Base Notes:

The shampoo's base notes create a soothing and lasting impression. The powdery undertones evoke a sense of cleanliness and care. Ambergris adds a warm depth that lingers on their coat, exuding coziness. The balsamic notes leave a subtle, comforting scent, as if your pet is enveloped in a cuddly embrace.

harōo is a fragrant delight that turns bath time into a sensory journey. With its floral, musky, and embracing notes, this shampoo transforms grooming into a pampering experience that leaves your pet's coat soft, fresh, and filled with the essence of a joyful spring day.


We aspire that every use of harōo will transport pet owners to a world where the essence of spring lingers. With each experience, you can relish the vitality and freshness of spring.

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Proudly made in Singapore.

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